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The Koochella team represents women who are highly involved in the Minneapolis Community. Koochella works to remove practical and financial obstacles that would otherwise restrict members from participation in competitive cycling. Supporting women from the urban cycling community to the competitive field through education, encouragement and financial support.

It is our goal to function as a larger “umbrella” organization. Leveraging exposure and success of team riders to drive team development. Providing cyclists an established, positive, supportive network, with which to recruit and retain women in the sport of competitive cycling. Through this success and retention, Koochella seeks to generate greater resources to be redistributed benefit other cycling groups and the larger community.

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Photography and Cycling had sort of an exchange in the beginning for me when i decided to sell my first DSLR in order to get the funds for my first bike. I had always wanted a track bike without knowing what it was exactly, i think it was the simplicity of the build that always attracted me to it. Ever since i made sure to have a camera on me on all my rides. As i was learning to ride brakeless, track stand, and work on a track bike i remember watching tons of videos online from Macaframa/Wolfpack Hustle until i realized "maybe i could try that?"

Just like that i had seen an Instagram post from Wolfpack Hustle that they were looking for videographers for the upcoming Unified Titled series, it was there that i got to meet so many people from the fixed gear scene and eventually became noticed by cycling brands to shoot photos/video for them.

Rafael Hernandez
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Co-Founder & Editor: ITCHY the movement. A website and movement supporting & spotlighting girls who ride bikes, with a focus on fixed gear. " - is a very special project for me which i started along with Virginia del Río, in Spain in 2012 because we had been discussing how many internet portals there are supporting primarily male riders. Females were mostly only seen in a derogatory way posing with bikes which were clearly not theirs. We knew that there were many, many more girls like us out there around the globe, taking riding seriously".

Her bicycle riding addiction began very early.. pedalling since age 4 and racing BMX’s in her teens. BMX was her bike of choice until 2009 when she became interested (obsessed) in fixed gear track bikes.